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Half Square Triangles on a Row – multiple hsts at a time

One of my least favorite things to sew are half square triangles. Short of starching, no matter what I do, they turn out off…then my block is off…then the row…then the quilt 😖🤦🏽‍♀️😾 I’m sure I didn’t make up this method, but it works for perfect squares. 1. Cut the squares to the size you […]

Christmas Star EPP Finishing Block

As I have been stitching my Christmas Star EPP blocks, I’ve been wondering, “How do I bring this home?” 🤔  How do I finish the quilt?  I’ve thought about more blocks…eh…  I’ve thought about half blocks…then it occurred to me: I could have ANOTHER block to really emphasize the secondary shape! And that’s what I […]