Thanks for taking the time to read our policies!


We accept returns within 7 days of purchase IF the files have not been downloaded. Once the files have been clicked on to be downloaded, they are yours to keep. Our system logs a click on the download button as a download.

If you have purchased a subscription product, you may receive a refund within 7 days of original subscription. We do not offer refunds beyond the original 7 days (not 7 days after a renewal order). If any of the downloads have been clicked on, it registers as a download, and cannot be refunded.


The copyright is for individual use only. The patterns are priced affordably so everyone can enjoy them. You may not share with friends, family, your quilting guild or foes.

The copyright is NOT for commercial use. You may use the patterns as many times as you like FOR YOURSELF, but not for profit.

You may use Fiona Sandwich patterns for gifts or for charity events.

Subscription Products:

Our subscriptions are month to month and you may cancel at any time. Please cancel your subscription from inside your account, under ‘my subscriptions’. Make sure that the subscription is canceled; we check the logs to determine if an account has been canceled, and we cannot offer a refund if there is not a log of the subscription being canceled.

If you cancel through paypal, and not through your ‘my subscriptions’ page, you may receive emails that your payment cannot be completed, because the token (the connection code) has been removed. To stop these emails, please cancel the subscription through your ‘my subscriptions’ page.