Using Directional Fabric with Foundation Paper Piecing

One of the MOST frustrating parts of foundation paper piecing has GOT to be working with directional fabrics.  I wrote about it earlier this year, and I discovered today, that I didn’t address directional fabric when working with angles that are on the sides of the pattern.  In the previous pieces, the angles were on the top of the pattern, but not on the bottom sides (is that an acute angle??) This is a working theory…I’ll get back to you on this later 😉 I had a doozy of a time figuring out why my fail-safe method wasn’t working.

Here’s how I made directional fabric work:

Step 1: Start with your fabric facing you, the direction that the fabric needs to go.  In this case, I’m using fabric with words.  I want the words facing right side up.

Step 2: Place your template UPSIDE DOWN, and the RIGHT SIDE facing you.  This is an important nuance from the previous instructions (which are still correct). Because of the angles, you need to flip the template upside down. Make sure that the template is straight; in line with your directional fabric.

Step 3: Cut 1/4″ from the folded edge (Not shown). Leave the directional fabric that was just cut right side up, and turn over so the template is facing the right direction (opposite of step 2), and right sides of the fabric are facing each other. Line up the raw edges, and sew along the solid line.

Step 4: Press the piece open! Voila! It worked!!

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