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Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts

I realized not too long ago, that for the past I-don’t-know-how-many-years, I have given homemade gifts for Christmas. One year, it was a painting, another year I made felt floral wreaths, another year I made a linoleum print. When you are crafty, I think you probably are more inclined to MAKE gifts instead of BUY […]

Using Directional Fabric with Foundation Paper Piecing

One of the MOST frustrating parts of foundation paper piecing has GOT to be working with directional fabrics.  I wrote about it earlier this year, and I discovered today, that I didn’t address directional fabric when working with angles that are on the sides of the pattern.  In the previous pieces, the angles were on […]

Make a National Park Quilt

Your quilt can tell a story…where you have been…what happened…the adventures you’ve had…and the memories you’ve made!  With my National Park Quilt Pattern, you can pair different blocks together to create individual “postcards” to remind you of your amazing trips.  Put a story block (or blocks) with a National Park sign block, then put an […]

How to Fussy Cut & Foundation Paper Piece

ou might think that foundation paper piecing is limited…you can’t fussy cut …you can’t use directional fabric …and there is SO much waste with paper piecing! Or are these all myths. Myth!  They are all myths! In a group a while ago someone asked if you could fussy cut with paper piecing. “No,” someone said, “You can […]