How to Glue Baste Acute Angles

Glue basting acute angles can be tricky. Especially long skinny ones. There are a few things I’d like to draw your attention to. First, I miter baste all my corners; this will help you immensely!! It cuts down on bulk, which is imperative for these tiny pieces. Second, I don’t treat all acute angles the same. For slivers I generally use the tiny pieces method. My rule of thumb is: can my thumbs create the point? I think you’ll remember it…especially if you like puns! 😀  If your thumbs cannot create the point, then I use the tiny pieces method. Also, if the angle meets a straight edge, then I use the tiny pieces method. Jasper National Park block is an excellent example of a sliver.

These are the angles that help me determine which method I’ll use. 


1. Place glue along the tip of the triangle. I am not concerned about leaving a gap of unglued paper. I am more concerned about tight seams.
It is also helpful to place glue on the fabric seam allowance as well. This ensures the the fabric sticks together.

2. Using both thumbs, and supporting the template piece with your index fingers, press the fabric together. Make sure that the fabric is taught along the edge of the template!
3. Pinch the end of the fabric to create a tight piece.
Note how tight the fabric is along the edges of the template.
That’s it Now you’re set!! Give it a try, and let me know how it works for you!!

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