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English paper piecing and road trips go together like peanut butter and jelly!  Let’s take it a step further…and EPP is ANYWHERE friendly!!!!

This blog post started out as EPP essentials, but truthfully, these are items I use frequently for both foundation AND paper piecing!!

Everyone has a different ‘setup’, and you have to find what works for you.  Some people use a plastic box, others use a pouch.  I use a fabric ‘folder’ with a zipper that opens the whole way, and can lay on my lap.  If I was to redo it, I’d put plastic (from a 3 ring binder or something) on the inside to stabilize it more….but it works.

My first ‘kit’ was a vintage metal box…too loud…too big…too clunky.

My second was a hard sided pouch for a rotary cutter.  It wasn’t bad….but it was a little too small.

So I made a pouch that fit my needs.

This year, I added the lap design board.

Numero Uno: you will want some sort of vessel/thing to hold your stuff.

Here are the things I love and use in my pouch.  I buy most of my EPP stuff on Amazon, I have linked to the sellers I’ve purchased from, and had great experiences with.  I purchase on Amazon, because even though I live in a large city…there isn’t a quilt shop nearby.  Plus, if you are on the road, you can have Amazon items shipped right to the hotel or the campground! Note: these are affiliate links.  I earn a few pennies if you purchase using these links.  But these are the actual items I have and use.  I’m not recommending something I don’t already love and use.

This is a great place to start! These colors are light, and blend into the fabric really nicely!  I use the gray with most lighter colors, and you don’t even see it!!

If you are sewing darker colors, I’d get some darker thread.  I try to keep mine to a minimum.  I have a darker blue, and a purple for DARK fabrics.

I have tried Gütermann thread…but it’s not as soft, and it knots REALLY easily.  It was not fun to work with.  Even though Aurifil is more expensive, it doesn’t knot and twist like other threads.  That is a win in my book to not be annoyed while piecing.

I also find that I don’t need to use beeswax or thread conditioner with Aurifil.  I was really concerned about beeswax melting in the car…that made me really nervous.

If you are new to EPP or FPP, I really like 50wt thread for piecing.  It really blends into the fabric!  Bonus, it can also be used for top quilting 😉

I adore these needles for EPP!!!

Before these, I used Dritz/Clover milliner needles, and they would BREAK  so easily! And the eye was so small that I couldn’t thread the needle easily.  FRUSTRATING!

With these needles, I have never broken one (they bend over time, but have never snapped), and the eye is round and much easier to thread.

This is a larger item, but stores flat: a pressing mat.  I have learned quite a bit about pressing mats.  Did you know that you don’t want a 100% wool pressing mat?!  I didn’t know that!!! This one is a blend, and is premium quality, sold at a really affordable price, and I loooooooooooove it.

What I love about it is my seams are FLAT FLAT, and my fabric is flatter, so it stores flatter for traveling.

This company is also mom run, and made in the USA.

Glue sticks:  I have lots of opinions about this.  In good conscience, I can only link products I truly love and use.  Amazon does not have glue sticks that I’d recommend.  There may be some, but they are in a bundle of 5 million (slight exaggeration).

What I look for:
1. Cheap (I stock up at Office whatever they are now, during the school sales in July/beginning of August).  I purchase the max number I’m allotted, and I’m set for the year.
Even when these aren’t on sale, they are very affordable!!

2. Washable. The glue HAS to be washable! But I think all glue intended for kids is washable..

3. CLEAR!  I can’t speak for fancy EPP glue (I use so much, it’s not practical for me to buy a fancy glue pen), but the Elmer’s purple glue that dries clear burns fabric when it is pressed! UGH! NO thanks!!

There is no need to spend lots of $$ here.  All the glue needs to do is hold the fabric to the paper. Cheap does the trick! Save your money for fabric! 😀

You will want 2 pairs of scissors: one for cutting your paper templates (ahem from Fiona Sandwich), and one for cutting thread.  I have a tiny vintage pair of scissors I use for cutting thread…so I can’t link those.  And any ol’ small pair of scissors will work.

You’ll want a light as well.  I have 2 I like for different reasons.  I’ll link both and tell you what I like about them.

I tend to use this one more. I clip it on a pillow, and it shines light on my work.
I like that it’s a warm light instead of cool light.

UPDATE: this died 6 months after I purchased it.  It’s still my favorite, but I’m not thrilled that it died so soon.  The one below is still chugging along beautifully!!

Since writing this, I have opted for an IKEA floor lamp while I’m at home.

I have this one as well.  I like that the sides bend.  I find that it’s better for walking around the campground at night, than for piecing.  I don’t like that it’s a cool light.  I’m sensitive to blue light at night, so try to keep the lights warm.
This light is really neat that there are 3 levels of brightness on BOTH sides.

These clips are so handy! I don’t know what I did before I heard of them!  Many quilters use them for holding binding on quilts, but the little clips are ideal for English paper piecing! I have at least 3 in my sewing pouch, at any given time!.

For the National Park pattern, this 5″ ruler is insanely handy to trim up blocks.  I wasn’t sure if I’d like it, because it’s SO bright…but I really do! The outside of the yellow line shows 1/4″ seam, so even if my stitching is off, I can make my block look the best!

My ruler came with 3M grips, which are essential to make sure your ruler doesn’t slide around when you are trimming your block down.

I love that this ruler is SO affordable too!

I didn’t know that I would ACTUALLY use this as much as I do. Before I had this, I was fumbling with holding FPP pieces up to a light or a window…then a friend texted me that the BrightPad was on sale on Amazon!  Yahoo!!!

It has been a game changer – both for FPP AND for EPP.  For English paper piecing, I can place the fabric on the paper template EXACTLY where I need it.

For FPP, I use this to line up my first piece of fabric EXACTLY where it needs to go.  This also means that I can measure just what I need, and I less fabric waste.

In all honesty, this is one of my top MUST HAVE items!

There you have it: my must haves!  Do you have any that I missed?  I’d love to hear!  Please leave a comment below and let me know!

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  2. Nancy McCubbins says:

    Do you have anywhere on line that use have used to buy fabric? I am hesitant to go shopping for fabric with social distancing right now. Thanks!

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