Summer Camp Sew Along 2024


Everything around Fiona Sandwich is outdoor/travel related – including our sew alongs, which are called Camps! We have 2 Camps per year: Summer Camp and Winter Camp. Our sew alongs are designed to help you start your National Park travel quilt and check off your adventures!

There activities to help you grow your creativity AND you’ll work on your National Park quilt!  No need to be an experienced sewer; beginners and seasoned sewers will have a great time!

Summer Camp starts May 27, 2024, and runs through Sept 2, 2024. Sew from where ever you are whether at home or on the road! Go at your own pace; regardless of how many you finish, you’ll have blocks for a travel quilt or wall hanging filled with your treasured memories. Use your choice Fiona Sandwich National Park and Condiment (these are supplemental patterns that are not NP specific, but help tell your travel story) patterns.

This summer, we have added an optional challenge: the Thrift Store Challenge. You’ll make blocks using only fabric you found in a thrift store, or buy nothing group. This will help new sewers see that they don’t need lots of fabric, and help seasoned quilters gain new levels of creativity.

No experience is required; beginners and seasoned sewers will have a great time! You will learn how to English or Foundation Paper Piece. I used to be really frustrated with FPP…until I discovered secrets, which I have turned into a simple method so you have success every time! I thought EPP was for the birds – who wants to sew by hand when you have a perfectly good machine…then I tried it and I was hooked! I have videos for both methods.  If you think you can’t quilt, it’s just sewing. Nothing fancy. If you can sew, you can quilt!

All of the Camp activities are based on memories and activities in the parks – you get to choose what patterns you use!

There is also no cost to participate in Summer Camp. (You will need to “check out” with this “product”, but as with all Fiona Sandwich patterns, the download will be in your account should you lose it on your end.)

Ready? Set? Let’s go!

What summer “Campers” said about Fiona Sandwich Camps:

“I love this summer camp- it’s really got me sewing.” – Sue

“My very first block! I am new to quilting but have been looking at these patterns for a few years, too afraid to try. Summer camp gave me the push I needed, followed the video and I did it! Now to tackle a block without the video.” – Kathy

Summer Camp Sew Along 2024