Mount Rushmore NM Pattern – EPP & FPP – PDF Download

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This iconic image is a depiction of the rocky effigy of American heritage. This beautiful profile can be made in close likeness or as a silhouette in contrast to the night sky. Reflect on the legacy brought forth by these great men as you recreate one of the great symbols of our unique country. Perhaps you have traveled to see the stony faces, or maybe it is on your list of places you hope to visit.

This pattern includes the day and nighttime view for Mount Rushmore

Create a cozy quilt, showing off all the amazing adventures you’ve had!  Or create a bucket list quilt with the National Parks you want to visit.

Do you have loads of embroidered patches you’ve collected, but not sure what to do with them? You can sew all of your patches to a “National Park Sign” (pattern is included with the purchase), and remember all the fun memories you had in the park!

Finished block size: 4.5 x 9″


Mount Rushmore NM Pattern – EPP & FPP – PDF Download