Curved Piecing with English Paper Piecing

Have you been stumped by curved EPP?  Or think it’s too fiddly?  In this video, I’ll show you some tips and tricks for curved English Paper Piecing! It’s truly easier than you think!!

4 thoughts on “Curved Piecing with English Paper Piecing

  1. Susan says:

    Rachael, I’m really looking forward to starting my quilt. Do you have sources for finer print fabrics. There aren’t many stores in my area and the fabric prints are not in scale for these blocks, but aren’’t big enough that I could cut pieces from larger print areas.

  2. Heather Anne says:

    This was excellent, thank you. Clicked through your email newsletter today went down the rabbit hole, hehe. Love epp, this tutorial is very helpful. Thank you.

    Do you have a YouTube channel? I’d love to follow your video tutorials.

    Have a great weekend.

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