National Park Pattern Extenders – Volume 1

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 Looking for a way to make all of your blocks into 9 x 9” squares or maybe you would like to add some classic geometric “quilt” shapes to your project? Look no further! These pattern extenders provide a space for you to add your 4.5” or 9” rectangle blocks to make a 9”x 9” square block. This is a great way to fill your quilt faster and can be used with any of the landscape, animal or condiment blocks in the standard sizes (please note they will not work with the 13.5” blocks such as Statue of Liberty or Glacier bus). Simple to use, they offer a quick way to expand your quilt blocks while not losing the intricate details and beauty of the landscape designs. 

Finished Sizes: 4.5″ and 9″

National Park Pattern Extenders – Volume 1