Custer State Park Pattern – EPP & FPP – PDF Download


“Have you been to Custer State Park? Ohhh….you’ve got to go!”  If you have spent any time in the West, swapping stories with fellow travelers, you KNOW that this question will come up. Custer State Park has a magical quality, that once you have visited once, your heart always longs to return. Every twist and turn along the Needles Highway reveals something new, and mesmerizing…even if it’s your 50th time. See for miles from the top of Mt. Coolidge Fire Lookout. Perhaps you have hiked around the lakes – everyone has a favorite: either Sylvan Lake or Legion Lake. My family is team Legion Lake…we stayed in the campground, walked across the street for dinner at the restaurant, then took a hike around the lake, where we laughed at the squirrels flying between trees, and admired the wildflowers…then returned to our campsite for s’mores.

You can’t forget about the animals – we have seen more buffalo/bison along the Wildlife Loop than we did in Yellowstone! And the donkeys will charm you!

This is the place where your soul finds rest. Have you been to Custer State Park? If not, you really need to go!!

Finished quilt size: 22 x 26.5″


Custer State Park Pattern – EPP & FPP – PDF Download