Binoculars Pattern EPP & FPP – PDF Download

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This pattern is a wonderful complement to the National Park blocks. It is 4.5 x 9″ rectangle, like the National Park blocks.

What are you ‘focusing’ on?  This pattern was designed during the covid time; I wanted a pattern that would reflect the time where our beloved national treasures were closed, and we were asked to not travel. In a time that we normally are preparing for adventure, our wheels were grounded. I wanted a pattern that would fit seamlessly into the National Park patterns, and still pay homage to the time of slowing down. I didn’t want to focus on the virus, and I didn’t want to include it in my* quilt. In my quiet time, I have been pondering, “What do I want to take into the next season?” And focus was a common theme. What is far off on the horizon? What is close to you? What do you wish for? This is block is a gentle way to express your heart, if you choose…or highlight your fun novelty prints.

* Throughout history quilt have reflected the sentiment of the quilter. Your quilt can be anything you want it to be!!  For my personal quilt, I didn’t want to give anymore focus on the virus than it already had consumed…but I also felt it was a significant part of our lives.  I didn’t want this block to stand out with the rest of the blocks as not fitting with the theme.

Binoculars Pattern EPP & FPP – PDF Download