Thank for your interest in the fabric swap!

To make the selections fun and useful for everyone, we need to to agree to the rules. Swaps are so much fun; the rules are direct so everyone who participates sends and receives fabrics that can be easily used with Fiona Sandwich National Park patterns. If you have never participated before, please reach out with questions. If you have questions about whether your fabric is acceptable or not, please send an email.

These rules will be sent to you, as well as some pictures of acceptable and unacceptable fabrics. Please read it 🙂

  • Fabrics that do not comply will be sent back to the sender.
  • Fabric sent must be quilt shop quality.
  • Fabric sent must be 100% quilter cotton, and not linen or cotton blend.
  • Fabrics that are uncut will be sent back.
  • Fabrics that do not have a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) or a preprinted label will not be sent back.

Acceptable fabrics: blenders, batiks, low volume. Fabrics sent must be usable for the National Park patterns, and not fabric in general. This year, we are asking that you select fabrics that can be used for the following:

  • Rocks – oranges, browns
  • Mountains – browns, purples, blues, grays, snow
  • Sky – blues, sunsets, clouds, mist, night sky, snow
  • Land – browns, greens, sand, grass
  • Water – mist, water, steam
  • Animal fur (consider the scale, and the available FIONA SANDWICH patterns)
  • Trees

Unacceptable fabrics:

  • Fabrics from Walmart, or thin fabrics from Joann/Hobby Lobby. (Some online overstock sites I like are Marshall Dry Goods, and Ziggie Lane Fabrics)
  • Fabrics with definite prints. This is a gray area because there are prints that can absolutely be used, and others that cannot. If you have a question about the print, please take a photo and submit it to Rachael.
  • Fabrics that are a cotton blend, or are linen, or a different weave other than quilter cotton.

Please include a SASE or return postage – I use

Fabrics should be a fat 1/8″ cuts – either 11″ x 18″ or 9″ x 22″. Please send 8 pieces for 1 swap. You may send a max of 16 pieces, or 2 yards.  You will receive a mix of fabrics back, in the same quantity that you sent. Example: if you sent 8, you’ll receive 8. If you send 16, you’ll get 16 back.

Please don’t cut off the selvedges 🙂

When you are selecting fabrics, think of the type you would like to receive, and put in your quilt, and send a similar type fabric.

By submitting your name and email, you are agreeing to the above rules. We absolutely understand that things come up, and you might not be able to participate; if that is the case, please unsubscribe from the email list.

I know these are a lot of rules, but it will make the fabric swap so enjoyable for all!! Thanks for participating!

Deadline to have fabric to Fiona Sandwich (Rachael):
April 30