Hi friend! You’re probably here because you have a question…so here are some of the most popular questions. I can’t wait to hear from you, if these aren’t what you are looking for 🙂

Looking for your patterns? They are safe and sound in your account.

“Will I get the patterns on your site in the National Park Monthly Subscription?” No, every month is new. If you want to purchase something you see on the site, go for it…there won’t be duplicates 🙂

“Which method is easier, I’ve never tried either.” Both are simple. I would say that EPP is probably ‘easier’…it is more transportable (you can take it with you anywhere), you don’t need a sewing machine. FPP is faster (generally), but can have a slightly longer learning curve. Both are attainable! I have faith that you can do either! There are some freebies that you can check out and give them a try to see which you like better.