Welcome to Summer Camp!  Do you remember how much fun you had at summer camp as a kid?  What were your favorite parts? S’mores…fishing…canoeing…wait that sounds like camping NOW! 😆

Join us for our FIRST ever Fiona Sandwich Summer Camp. There are 25 activities to help you grow your creativity AND you’ll work on your National Park quilt!  No need to be an experienced sewer; beginners and seasoned sewers will have a great time!

Summer Camp runs from May 31 to Sept 6…so prep your blocks before you hit the road (PS: prep for me is that I select the fabrics (fat quarters), and perhaps a cut them into smaller pieces)

There will be weekly prizes – it’s not a beauty contest, a random winner will be selected each week.
Finish 5 activities: get a $10 Fiona Sandwich gift card
Finish 12 activities: get at $20 Fiona Sandwich gift card
Finish 25 activities: get a $50 Fiona Sandwich gift card

Please remember to click confirm (you’re registering to receive emails) so you get the activities, and Summer Camp iron on (no summer camp is complete without a souvenir!!!)

Oh! And Summer Camp is free to participate! 🙂

What “Campers” are saying:

“I love this summer camp- it’s really got me sewing.” – Sue

“My very first block! I am new to quilting but have been looking at these patterns for a few years, too afraid to try. Summer camp gave me the push I needed, followed the video and I did it! Now to tackle a block without the video.” – Kathy