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Preserve your memories and milestones

with a National Park travel quilt!

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Dreams are sweeter when you sleep beneath your memories and dreams of adventures.

Using the National Park Color Palette, you can make a quilt filled with treasured memories of your times in ALL the National Park units. With the National Park Pattern Club, you’ll get 3 patterns every month featuring scenes from the 420 NP units, animals and activities in the Parks! Create a treasured quilt and experience the Parks as you sleep! Your favorite adventures don’t have to end.

  • 3 NEW downloadable patterns ($15 value) every month that show off the beauty and majesty of National Park units in the United States.
  • There are NO “filler” patterns. I am just as National Park obsessed as you are. Each pattern is carefully designed to help you tell your story.
  • Versatile pattern that you can use for sites beyond the pattern title!
  • Each pattern shows color swatches so you can easily select fabrics to represent what you have seen in your travels from your stash!
  • Beginner Friendly – Discover how easy and rewarding English and foundation paper piecing are with my Foolproof Formula handbooks (included with the Pattern Club). Even if you have struggled with FPP in the past, you’ll find my formula is SO simple and easy!
  • “You Can Do It!” Guarantee – I am SO confident that you will succeed at this! If you aren’t able to sew the National Park Sign block (included with your patterns) in 3 tries, using my method, I will give you the Casablanca pattern (traditional piecing) for free!
  • Exclusive Patterns and “Thank You for Being a Member” patterns throughout the year!
  • Cancel at ANY TIME!

Only $12/month

WAAAAAIT! Don’t go! Paper piecing is NOT scary or worse than going to the dentist!

I have a simple fool proof method for English and Foundation paper piecing.

There are videos and step by step instructions! You will succeed even if you’ve struggled in the past.

Beginner friendly patterns

They only look complicated.

Supportive and Encouraging Online Group

Join the thousands of National Park quilters in our online group. Whether you are stuck on a block, or wanting to see what others have done. You will be cheered on and your photos will be fawned over. It’s really the best group on the internet!


Which method is easier? Both are simple. I have a method for FPP that makes it easier than how most people teach. EPP has a shorter learning curve, because the templates can be folded and manipulated, and there is one stitch.  There are smaller pieces in my patterns than normal with EPP, but again, I have easy ‘hacks’ to make these a breeze. I have a short attention span; if I get frustrated easily with a pattern, or pieces, it never makes it to print.
FPP uses a machine. The learning curve isn’t hard. I haven’t lost a student yet, so I’m confident that you’ll be successful!
All you need to do is decide which method you prefer!

What is your cancelation policy? You may cancel at anytime! (But I’m pretty sure you’ll be obsessed with these little blocks!) If you wish to cancel, you may do so from inside your Fiona Sandwich account.

How long is the subscription? This is a month to month subscription. You can subscribe as long as you want, and cancel your subscription when you want! This isn’t a block of the month club; there isn’t an anticipated ending date. This is like a subscription box, but better because you don’t have to wait for anything to arrive at your home, you can print the patterns on your schedule.

Join the thousands of quilters making National Park quilts!

I’ve been working on these for a year or more and really enjoy the new patterns that come out. It’s always a fun surprise and I’m never disappointed.”