Thanks for checking out my National Park pattern!  I want you to have this free pattern to test out, and see how you like it before purchasing.

My patterns are fairly innovative…I started designing printable patterns because I’m fairly impatient, and didn’t want to wait for English paper pieces to arrive.  I was frustrated that they weren’t available online to print!  Foundation paper patterns could be printed…why not English paper pieces?!!

Everything you can find on my site is printable.  Just use regular copy paper!  No need to have special paper.  Sometimes I print on the other side of paper destined for the recycle box.

If you’ve paper pieced before, you may notice that this is an innovative approach to paper piecing.  Why should you have to wait to get a pattern in the mail? Or wait for paper pieces to come?  You likely have everything you need RIGHT NOW!!  Paper and ink.

I’ve taken another cue from foundation paper piecing: pictures.  With these National Park Postcards, I wanted you to have a functional and meaningful way to show off your souvenir patches.  Pull them out from the drawer you’ve stashed them in, and put them to good use!

I can’t wait to see your Great Sand Dunes National Park block!